Hong Kong: Arrests made as marchers mark protest anniversary

Thousands of protesters joined a rally to mark the first anniversary of the million person march against the now-withdrawn extradition bill that led to the broader anti-government protests, in Hong Kong, on Tuesday. After gathering in the Chater Garden park, people marched across the streets holding umbrellas to protect themselves from police tear gas, while many chanted «Hong Kong independence, the only way.» Tension arose when police charged the crowds, firing pepper bullets, conducting body searches and arresting many. On June 2019, people peacefully took to the streets to oppose the now-withdrawn bill allowing extradition to mainland China, and resulting in months of mass demonstrations throughout Hong Kong. Protests died down in the face of restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but demonstrators returned to the streets in May, after Beijing announced it would be instituting a new national security law in the territory. China's National People's Congress voted in favour of drafting the law, which would ban sedition, foreign interference, and treason, while circumventing Hong Kong's legislature, on May 28.

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