Honduras: Mother of slain indigenous activist tears up at commemorative altar

Honduran Lenca people built an ancestral altar to honour the memory of slain indigenous activist Berta Caceres in La Esperanza, Intibuca on Saturday. Mother of Berta Caceres Austra Flores attended the commemorative ceremony inside the altar. «Remembering that rebellious woman, that woman who leaves a seed sown, not only in Honduras, but in the whole world, thanks, thank you eternal lord,» she... Еще said, addressing the public. Berta Caceres was shot dead at her residence on March 2, 2016. She was spearheading a campaign against the Agua Zarca Dam, a project being built by Desarrollos Energeticos on Rio Gualcarque. The river is sacred to Berta Caceres's Lenca people. Her grassroots campaign against the dam won her the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2015.

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