Honduras: Migrant caravan prepares for 'American Dream' journey

A caravan of 500 migrants made preparations to leave in search of the fabled 'American Dream' on Friday in the north-western city of San Pedro Sula. Children and young people were scattered around the city's main bus terminal, carrying only the clothes on their back and a few small possessions. A father of a large family explained why he was fleeing Honduras. «It's no use trying to fight in... Еще this country,» said Brayan Roberto Vargas. «We are searching for the so-called American Dream, even though we will suffer but we have to do it.» Gathered under the slogan of 'We are not travelling because we want to, violence and poverty forced us out', the group plans to embark on Sunday. They will march across Guatemala and into Mexico, where they hope to obtain transit VISAs or seek asylum. From there, some intend to make the final crossing into the United States.

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