Honduras: «Juan Orlando, leave the country» — Hundreds protest against «electoral fraud»

Hundreds of people blocked the main roads in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa to protest against alleged electoral fraud on Friday after November’s general election saw President Juan Orlando Hernandez narrowly defeat the Alianza de Oposicion (Opposition Alliance) party candidate Salvador Nasralla, although no official winner has been announced. Supporters of the Opposition Alliance placed... Еще stones, rocks, flaming tires and other objects to prevent the passage of vehicles. Authorities reported that protesters placed grease and nails on the roads in order to blow out car tires. Libertad y Refundacion (Liberty and Re-foundation) party leaders called on people to rally along the main routes connecting the biggest cities in the country. “Juan Orlando, we don’t need him in the presidential house” claimed a demonstrator. “Leave the country, because I didn’t vote for you. I voted for my country’s freedom”, added another. The Alianza de Oposicion (Opposition Alliance) and the Liberal Party have submitted official documents calling for the November 26 election to be annulled and for a recount to take place. The official electoral results left President Juan Orlando Hernandez 1.6 points ahead of Nasralla. Both men have claimed victory.

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