HOLY GUACAMOLE — Hundreds of Mexicans SMASH record for world's burliest batch of green dip

A horde of white-hatted chefs joined their culinary talents to break a Guinness World Record for the world's biggest guacamole, in the town Conception of Buenos Aires, in the central-western state of Jalisco, Sunday. The multitude of chefs and some 1,500 chef students coming from 13 different Guadalajara schools cut and smashed tonnes of avocados to prepare the green dip. After Jalisco... Еще Governor Jorge Aristoteles Sandoval Diaz poured the last dregs of guacamole into the massive pot, Guinness World Record official adjudicator Carlos Tapia Rojas inspected the avocado-based mixture. He then announced to the audience that the pot «reached an official result of 2,980 kilogrammes [6,569.7lbs], a new Guinness World Record.» Guacamole is part of traditional Mexican cuisine and its recipe is said to have been first created by the Aztecs. This condiment's key ingredients include avocado, tomato, onion, lemon, coriander and salt.

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