Holy dung! Villagers fight dirty in COW POOP-slinging ritual

Every year after Deepavali, residents come together for the cow dung-fighting festival of Gore Habba in the small village of Gumatapura, as seen on Saturday. During Gore Habba people throw cow dung at each other and smear themselves with cattle excrement in a day-long festival. The tradition comes from the belief that the clothes and remains of a saint were placed in a pit in the village, and... Еще took the shape of a ‘Linga’, which became surrounded by cow dung in the course of time. The dung is highly revered by the local deity Kare Eshwaraswamy, according to the villagers, who collect the dung and dump it behind the temple. Punishing liars by making them sit on a donkey is also a part of the ritual.

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