History never goes out of fashion for China's Han clothing revivalists

Han clothing is enjoying a renaissance in China, as a new generation look to explore their roots and express a newfound confidence in Chinese national identity. Ruptly joined the Han Clothing Society in Beijing, one of many such bodies springing up right across China, at one of their regular meet-ups on Thursday. Han or Hanfu is the traditional dress of the Han people, China’s largest ethnic... Еще group. For centuries, this emblematic style has been consigned to history books and museums. Revivalists like Gong Yang, Vice-President of the Beijing group, want to bring back the old ways, and some even choose to wear Han every day. «We want to promote [Han] culture to the public. We want more and more people to know there is a form a clothing that we should wear on our traditional festivals or special occasions. They should know more about Chinese national dress”, Yang said. For Beijing's Han Clothing Society, it seems that history never goes out of fashion.

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