Historically pivotal hotel where Hitler arrested brownshirt leaders set for demolition

The owner of a hotel famed for where Hitler was nearly assassinated, delved into the property’s history in Bad Wiessee on Saturday, giving what could be one of the hotel's last tours as it is scheduled to be demolished. Ernst Roehm and several of his companions went on holiday to Hotel Hanselbauer (now called Hotel Lederer) in Bad Wiessee in 1934. On 28 June, Hitler phoned Roehm and asked him to... Еще gather all the Nazi Party's Assault Division (SA) leaders at Bad Wiessee on 30 June for a conference. Roehm agreed, apparently unsuspecting. The Night of the Long Knives began two days later. At dawn on 30 June, Hitler flew to Munich and drove to Bad Wiessee, where he personally arrested Roehm and the other SA leaders, who were all consigned to Stadelheim Prison in Munich. From 30 June to 2 July 1934 the entire leadership of the SA was purged, along with many other political adversaries of the Nazis. Lederer says, however, the events could have taken a different turn, «A gun was hidden there [in the hotel] by an officer named Uhl, said the owner noting, «He hid his gun too far away however, in the women's saloon, and he couldn't reach it. Today we can say that this would have been a chance to kill Hitler but fate was different.» Today the building no longer belongs to 75 year-old Lederer. He sold it for €6.2 million to Thomas Strungmann, who intends to build a new luxury hotel on the territory.


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