Hindu worshippers have piercing, fiery devotion

Thousands of Hindus had their bodies pierced and walked over hot coals, among other acts of worship, at the Thaipusam Festival in Chennai, Monday, The faithful had long skewers stuck through their flesh while in a meditative state. Hundreds of other pilgrims dressed in yellow carried offerings of milk pots, while many walked on hot coals. The holiday is celebrated on the full moon of the... Еще Tamil month of Thai, which spans from approximately the middle of January to the middle of February in the Gregorian calendar, primarily by the Tamil and Malayali communities throughout India, southeast Asia, and around the world. According to Hindu mythology, goddess Pavarthi gave her son Lord Murugan a lance to kill evil demons, which are symbolised by the skewers devotees use to pierce themselves. Prior to Thaipusam, worshippers will typically hold daily prayer sessions, abstain from sex and stick to a strict vegetarian diet for 48 days.

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