High time? Giant gold-wrapped joint the most expensive in the world at $24,000

Los Angeles-based luxury cannabis brand Stone Road Farms unveiled the most expensive joint ever rolled, priced at $24,000 (€20,620) footage filmed on Thursday shows. «This is a 1.5 pound elephant tusk joint that is wrapped in 24 karat gold leaf and 24 karat white gold,» explained Lex Corwin, founder and CEP of Stone Road Farms said. The joint itself was rolled by Weavers, a popular joint... Еще roller and artist. Corwin later explained how he «tried to give money to the Los Angeles Children's hospital, but because of federal funding restrictions we weren't able to pretty much give it to any charity that received federal funding but we called the African Wildlife Foundation, they were more than happy to help.» For this reason, they decided on making the joint resemble an elephant tusk. «You can come in and take your photo with it,» Corwin boasted.

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