High speed healthcare — Dubai ambulance service adds new SUPERCARS

Dubai has added new supercars to its ambulance fleet in a bid to reduce the rapid response time from eight minutes down to four. The Nissan GT-R and C7 Corvette additions, seen on Monday, mean that there are now reportedly eight supercars in total in the Dubai ambulance service. They are used as first response vehicles ahead of the arrival of ambulances. The cars come equipped to deal with road... Еще traffic and drowning incidents, with CPR equipment and oxygen cylinders inside to provide critical treatment before the ambulance arrives. The GTR and the Corvette are primarily used for the major incidents, to ferry a supervisor to the scene so the situation can be assessed and appropriate action taken. The Nissan GTR can reportedly accelerate from 0-100kph (72mph) in under three seconds and is not the first supercar in the emergency responses in the UAE. The Dubai police force boasts Lamborghinis and a Bugatti Veyron too among other high-end cars. Abduallah Abdelkader, a paramedic in the Dubai ambulance, said that the ambulance service normally reaches a patient «within the eight minutes, which is actually a world record,» but the addition of the new cars will «make it possible to reach the patients within half of that time.»

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