Hen party: Chilean farmers build EGGstravagent coop to keep chickens happy-go-clucky

A Chilean couple built a perfect henhouse to keep their chickens «happy» in Punta Arenas, Chile. Pedro Tenorio and his wife Lavinia started the project to ensure they only raise «happy» hens, Thursday. The henhouse, which stretches over 40 square metres, is equipped with wood heating, LED lights and an innovative system to control odours. Plus, the concrete floor and the iron walls are covered... Еще with fiberglass to avoid moisture. The henhouse is also supported by a polycarbonate covered roof to ensure natural light and good ventilation system. «Why do animals have to live in the dirt? No, the chickens are like children, and they must live well, besides the money they give me help to pay for their own house,» said Pedro proudly.
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