Help meow! Russian digger finds and saves wounded kitten in abandoned drainage system

A modern knight in not-so-shiny armour, but instead covered in dust, Evgenii Kochkin, saved a kitten from inside a disused drainage system in the Russian town of Koltsovo, Tuesday. Luckily for the kitty in distress 17-years old Evgenii is a digger, who, in his love for underground adventures, is not afraid to get dirty. Despite initial difficulties which included Evgenii losing his way, the... Еще young hero didn’t turn back. Almost sick because of the smell and stuffiness, Evgenii lifted the poor creature to the surface. Numb at first, the cat then tried to escape from her saviour, but for her own good was caught again and taken to a vet's clinic. The kitten, safe and sound, could have lost faith in humanity and her life, but not only did she met Evgenii, she also reportedly found her home in the arms “of a kind woman” who promised to stay in touch with the teen to update him on the well-being of the pet.
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