'Heaven ended as war began' — 96y/o Soviet WWII vet still going strong

Claudia Vasilieva, who fought for the Soviet Union army and liberated Leningrad, continues her fight for freedom by offering Saint George ribbons on the streets of Tambov, footage showed on Monday. Speaking about the beginning of the Great Patriotic War in 1941, she said she had just turned 20, had started working as a medical assistant and it was the first time she'd eaten enough food. «I... Еще hoped it was heaven as only there it was the first time I ate until I was full, because the government paid for my education. I received a 50-Ruble grant. The medical school paid the rent. Then my heaven ended quickly. The war began and since the very beginning we, young people were called up for military service.» Claudia first met her husband shortly after the war began. «When we were in our district near Leningrad I met that senior sergeant from the Counterintelligence Analysis Division.» Then they met again and again and finally got married. He was sent to the Far East and would not see each other for a long time. Claudia gave birth to a girl — Tamara. «I was a Komsomol [The All-Union Leninist Young Communist League] organiser of our squadron. I had so much time to read newspapers. Soldiers were building a bridge and I was sitting nearby watching them. When [Germans] attacked us, I had a lot of work to do,» Claudia said. She served at the Leningrad Front and took part in liberating Leningrad. As the war ended, she continued waiting for her husband. When he finally came, he did not recognise her — they have been apart for a long time. «Somebody knocked on the door. I went out. It is funny. He [my husband] asked, ‘Does Belyaeva live here?’ ‘Here. Come in, please’. And I invited him in. He came in and I followed him. As we waked in, there was a lamplight, and Tamara, our daughter. He understood who welcomed him. [His] wife,» She recalled laughing. As the war ended, she came back to her hometown and started working. Twenty years ago she felt she needed something more and started awareness-raising work. Today schools and universities keep inviting her to lecture students about the war. As the Victory Day approaches, she goes to Tambov streets to hand out Saint George ribbons with other volunteers. «Anything for a life without war,» she tells everybody giving out a ribbon. The 73rd anniversary of Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War will be celebrated on Wednesday with a number of commemorative events scheduled to take place across Russia.

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