Halloween gift idea? Jewelry artist ‘casts’ eternity spell on BODY PARTS

M/S Ear M/S Hand M/S Vagina M/S Breast M/S Hand M/S Hand M/S Plastic bodies M/S Plastic fingers M/S Hands W/S Hand with jewellery M/S Pouring powder M/S Pouring powder M/S Mixing powder C/U Mixing powder M/S Pouring mud M/S Casting mold W/S Casting mold M/S Casting mold M/S Casting mold C/U Hand C/U Hand C/U Hand C/U Hand C/U Doctor card M/S Doctor... Еще and patient M/S Decorating C/U Decorating M/S Showing hand C/U Jewelry C/U jewelry C/U Jewelry M/S Book of love M/S Jewelry C/U LOGO W/S Outside A Chinese design artist who goes by the name 'Doctor Yi Zhou' has created a pop-up 'clinic' at which she casts body parts and turns them into jewellery or sculptures for her clients. Footage filmed in Beijing on Friday shows Zhou 'casting' an eternity spell on a out-reaching arm. «Body Memory is a project that can turn human body parts into jewelries, such as holding hands, mouth, ear,» the creator explained. The process of capturing the fleeting moment of a body figure started as an experiment for the young artist who was drawn to the art of 'capturing' a moment and turning into a tiny memory container in the shape of an ear, belly-button, or finger. «I'm trying to capture the feeling in the sculpture and trying to make people when they see the sculpture they can recall the memory at the very moment.» For Yi Zhou what started as an alternative way of making jewellery has turned into a profitable project that has attracted a number of people thanks to its quirky and dark sense of humour. «Smart idea. Innovation! I have never seen it before. It's kind of a good idea,» said Matteo, a visitor at the store.

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