Haiti: Blood and tear gas in Port-au-Prince as tax hike protest takes a violent turn

Police fired tear gas at demonstrators on the streets of Port-au-Prince, Monday, as locals protested the passing of a draft budget for the fiscal year 2017-2018 that included significant tax increase proposals in the Chamber of Deputies the day before. Protesters scurried through the streets to escape the security knockdown, with some bleeding and with injuries. Some protesters were seen picked... Еще up in police trucks as clashes between protesters and security forces escalated. Protester Jean Pierre Olriche expressed the reasons behind the protesters' frustration saying, «We from the working class can't afford to pay these incoming taxes [so that] this corrupt government can buy luxury vehicles and send their kids to schools in Europe and or in America.» Legislators voted 78 for and eight against the bill, with five abstentions. The new budget will come into effect October 1 once fully ratified, according to Haitian law.

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