Guatemala: Tearful reunion for nine families separated by US immigration

Journalist (Spanish): «Are you happy?» Leo Jeancarlo de Leon, Boy (Spanish): «Yes.» Journalist (Spanish): «Tell us a little about it.» Leo Jeancarlo de Leon, Boy (Spanish): «I miss my mum a lot.» Journalist (Spanish): «How did you feel just now when you saw her?» Leo Jeancarlo de Leon, Boy (Spanish): «I felt good. When they separated us, I felt sad.» Journalist (Spanish): «What are you... Еще going to do when you get home?» Leo Jeancarlo de Leon, Boy (Spanish): «I am going to play with my toys.» Lourdes de Leon, Mother (Spanish): «Are you excited to see the rest of your family?» Leo Jeancarlo de Leon, Boy (Spanish): «Yes, yes.» Lourdes de Leon, Mother (Spanish): «Do you want to go back to school?» Leo Jeancarlo de Leon, Boy (Spanish): «Yes.» *NO CUTAWAY AT SOURCE* Journalist (Spanish): «Why?» Lourdes de Leon, Mother (Spanish): «Because, they hurt something which causes the most pain, as a human being and a mother.» Nine children who were separated from their parents at the United States border were reunited with their parents in Guatemala City on Tuesday. The children arrived on separate flights, as the administration of US President Donald Trump seeks to comply with a court order to reunite migrant children with their families. The children were then taken to a state-run shelter Nuevas Raices where their families were waiting for them. One mother Lourdes de Leon was overjoyed to see her son Leo Jeancarlo for this first time in four months. She described it as «the worst thing that can happen to a mother.» Little Leo seemed excited to be back. Promising to return to school, he said the first he would do when he got home was play with his toys. The First Lady of Guatemala Patricia Marroquin attended the reuniting ceremony.

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