Guatemala: 'A village has disappeared' — 25 dead after Fuego eruption

SOT, Natalia, El Rodeo resident (Spanish): «We don't know anything of them, we don't know anything. What we know is that there's a lot of people trapped there.» SOT, Journalist (Spanish): «Approximately how many people?» SOT, Natalia, El Rodeo resident (Spanish): «There are hundreds of people there.» SOT, Journalist (Spanish): «What's your name?» SOT, Natalia, El Rodeo resident (Spanish... Еще): «My name is Natalia.» SOT, Journalist (Spanish): «Has anyone of your family members disappeared?» SOT, Natalia, El Rodeo resident (Spanish): «Yes, my brother and my nephews. (Inaudible) I can't find them.» Survivors of the Fuego volcano eruption recounted their experience in the Guatemalan town of El Rodeo on Sunday, as at least 25 people were reportedly killed and over 300 injured with figures expected to rise further still. According to El Rodeo resident, Natalia, 'hundreds of people, were still trapped by the lava flow. «I dare say there is a village that has disappeared up there,» another resident said. 3,100 people have been evacuated, according to reports from Guatemala's CONRED national disaster management agency. Fuego — which means 'fire' in Spanish — spewed a stream of lava and emitted a huge cloud of black smoke and ash which rained onto the capital, Guatemala City, some 40km (25mi) away.

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