Greens co-chair Ozdemir: We want to change this country

Alliance '90/The Greens party reacted to the first German federal election exit poll results at their headquarters in Berlin, Sunday. Co-chairman of the party, Cem Ozdemir, stressed that despite the good result, Germany was divided as «for the first time, people who are denying the Holocaust will take a seat in the German Parliament,» adding «political parties will have a mission together, to do... Еще everything to overcome the fundamental division of our society. He was referring to the Alternative for Germany (AfD), the far right party that has pushed an anti-immigration agenda, is predicted to pass the 5% threshold for the first time in its 4-year history, with around 13% of the vote, meaning it will receive 80-90 seats in parliament. Green Party member Andreas Ritz said “the best way to change things is to be part of a government, but that does not mean that the Green Party should go into a coalition, as this would depend on the negations.” According to exit polls, as was forecast, Angela Merkel's CDU/CSU will remain Germany's largest party with 32 percent and its main opposition, the Social Democrats led by Martin Schultz, managed a 20 percent share. However, both under-performed compared to pre-election polls.

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