Greece: Thousands take to Athens' streets as 24-hr strike kicks off

Thousands marched through the streets of Athens on Thursday, during a 24-hour-long general strike to protest new labour and austerity measures issued by the Greek government. The PAME (All Workers Military Front) group and several other workers’ groups have called for the strike to be accompanied by a large mobilisation to protest the new labour measures and the privatisation of public companies... Еще. «They [the Greek government] have agreed and are advancing in a new form of privatisation for DEI [Hellenic Public Power Corporation]» said the head of Construction Workers Syndicate to the public. Protesters marched on the streets with banners and signs and chanted anti-government slogans. «We are here to voice our opposition to the government and the measures it is bringing, for the abolition of the strike and for the seizures that aim to take people’s houses» said Vassilis Prevelis, a taxi driver who partook on the strike. According to World Bank data, Greek household incomes have fallen by a third since the beginning of the crisis in 2009.

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