Greece: Refugees criticise slow asylum process at overcrowded Samos camp

Journalist (English): «But why?» Refugee (English): «That's what we're all asking — why? And people coming new they go out, and we still waiting. I don't know, we waiting for death, for destiny.» Refugees on the island of Samos criticised conditions in a makeshift camp, on Wednesday, after recent reports suggested there were roughly 4,000 residents in a camp which was originally built for... Еще around 600. The refugees were filmed going about their daily routine among densely packed shoddy tents, collecting firewood and water. One camp member spoke on camera, complaining of the uncertainties currently facing refugees in the asylum-seeker process. «You can stay here waiting for the answer, nine months, one year. I have a friend there from Kurdistan, one year and six months. And I have another friend, one year and three months. There is no answer,» he said. «Reject is good now. For me, I love if they gave me reject. Because I'm going to know something about my life [sic]. But no answer — that's not good,» he added.

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