Greece: Priests protest over name dispute with neighbour

Protesters in Thessaloniki voiced their objection on Sunday over its neighbour’s use of ‘Macedonia’ instead of the official name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. One Orthodox priest called Father Christodolous said «Macedonia is the country of Alexander [the Great], it is Greek and it's not a pizza that you can split.» His sentiment was echoed by another priest, Father Ioannis... Еще, who added «we would like to spread the message that Macedonia is one and it is Greek. This should be heard to the edge of the world.» One protester, Eftihios Zambiakis, came from the island of Crete to state that «Macedonia is Greek, everybody should understand it.» Zambiakis was one of thousands of protesters who gathered in Thessaloniki to voice their opposition amid ongoing UN-mediated negotiations over the appellation of the former Yugoslav republic.

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