Greece: NGO boat with refugees allowed to dock at Lesbos port

The NGO group 'Mare Liberum' that had been stranded at sea for over a week finally docked at the main port of Lesvos, Mytilini, on Wednesday. The vessel was anchored at sea sea since March 2, after it was chased by local groups away from the island. «We think it's a very good sign from the authorities that they made it possible because we think that it's important that mainly refugees but also... Еще solidarian [sic] people and NGOs have to be protected. It's a sign also to say that it's not just a group of fascists that is going to take over how things work on this island,» said crew member Flos Strass. «Urgent is to change the situation here in this border area in this islands because there's just too many people that cannot leave from here. And for example, speaking about Merkel and since we're also a German-based NGO, we always raise this call — in Germany you have nearly 140 cities, or communities that are willing to take refugees directly from Greece. And the German government is preventing them to do so because they don't give the permission. So this would be a very easy step to take for them. And I'm sure this is also something that is valid for other countries as well. So this is a very concrete demand,» she added. The ‘Mare Liberum’ belongs to the NGO Sea Watch performing search and rescue missions.

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