Greece: Nationalists protest in Athens over Macedonia naming dispute, religious policy

A nationalist rally was held in Athens on Sunday, in protest over the Macedonia naming dispute and government policy concerning the teaching of religion in public schools. Protesters say the current government does not provide sufficient support for the Greek Orthodox religion through its education policy. They also protested the continuing economic problems facing the country. The organisers... Еще said the rally was non-partisan; nevertheless several members of the far-right Golden Dawn party could be seen among the protesters. Many in Greece see the country name 'Macedonia' as posing a threat to the Greek state, arguing that it implies a territorial claim over the eponymous region of northern Greece. After the Balkans Wars of 1912−1913, the territory of historic-geographic Macedonia was divided amongst Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia. The naming dispute dates back to when Macedonia declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. As a result, international organisations and states that do not recognize the constitutional name «Republic of Macedonia» refer to it as «the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia» or FYROM for short.»

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