Greece: Migrants at Moria camp demand passage to Europe during protests

Hundreds of migrants protested over living conditions and demanded passage to Europe at Moria camp on the Greek Island of Lesbos on Monday. Footage shows protesters throwing rocks and other projectiles at the police during a standoff, as clashes were reported to have taken place earlier at the camp. At the scene, a refugee spoke about the poor conditions they live under at the camp. «We... Еще live in a camp, without any water, without electricity, without food and without a good situation and they let us in a tent, look at that tent can you live in this tent? no.» he said. He also said that they wanted to leave the island and get to Europe, saying: «If the Greek people, the Greek authorities, and the Greek government don't want us on this island, we just want to continue our way to our families. My family is in Germany and all of these people their families are in Europe, Sweden, Holland, everywhere, France and they want to go to their families and the Greek government doesn't let us do that.» Since the escalation of tensions in Syria, the Europe's largest refugee centre exceeded almost seven times its maximum capacity of 3,100 people, as it tries to accommodate 20,000 asylum seekers. Since Sunday morning at least 1,000 refugees and migrants have reached the Eastern Aegean islands, according to local police.

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