Greece: Migrants and animal welfare activists take care of stray cats and dogs at burned Moria camp

Former Moria residents return daily to the destroyed camp to feed the stray cats and dogs, which roam the former refugee camp. The migrants could be seen taking care of the animals on Thursday, alongside members of Lesbos animal welfare organisation Panas. Mohamad, a migrant from Syria said he loves animals and so comes to the burned camp every day to feed the stray cats and dogs, many of whom were injured during the fire. Melpo Papadopoulou, a representative Panas said the people at the camp had been looking after the animals before the fire. «Before when there were people at the camp they were feeding them and taking care of them. And the most of them are also very friendly. It's very difficult because, as I said, there is not even water here,» she said. Annie Dimiroudi another representative, said, «There are many dogs and much more cats here that don't have food or water. And some are injured, some are burned, it is not a very nice situation.» The organisation representatives said they hope to find the animals new homes. According to local sources, there are around 250 cats in the camp. Thousands of migrants were left homeless after fires destroyed the overcrowded Moria Camp, the biggest migrant camp in Europe, on the evening of September 8.

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