Greece: Mass protest denounces austerity laws, EU, NATO in Athens

Thousands of protesters gathered on Omonoia Square in central Athens on Thursday to slam the EU and NATO, and to demand the abolition of austerity laws following end of economic bailout measures in late August. The protest which was called upon by All-Workers Militant Front (PAME), saw protesters carrying banners and placards denouncing expenditure cuts and increased taxes which were part of... Еще measures prescribed by the EU during Greece's economic crisis. «The post-memorandum era brings with it all of the previous austerity laws, none of which was abolished. It brings the same low wages, the predatory taxing,» said Dimitris Maris, a member of PAME. Protesters also lashed out at the EU and NATO for their territorial policies with one accusing the Alliance for heightening tensions in the Balkans. Greece concluded its eight-year bailout program with €289 billion ($330bn) in debt which it has to pay back by 2060.

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