Greece: Lavrov 'always welcome' to Greece — Greek FM on invite

Greek Foreign Minister Nikolaos Kotzias commented on recent relations between Greece and Russia during an interview in Athens on Sunday, praising his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov as «one of the best diplomats internationally.» When asked about a possible cancellation of Lavrov's planned visit to Athens, Kotzias noted that the Russian foreign minister is «always welcome» in Greece, having... Еще been extended an invitation to visit. «If he feels that he wants to associate himself with those that we expelled or whose entry to the country we barred, that's his right,» said Kotzias, referring to Athens' decision last week to expel two Russian diplomats and bar another two Russian citizens from entering the country over allegations of interference in Greek national affairs. «I tried, and we mention that in our statement, to not associate these bad cases with the official Russia. It's up to Russia if they want to associate themselves with them or not,» he added. During the interview Kotzias underlined that Greece is determined to take measures «towards East and West, friends and non-friends,» if they violate the sovereignty of Greece or disrespect the country. «Gone are the days when pretending to be a sitting duck was considered to be diplomacy. This kind of diplomacy applies to a hencoop, not to foreign policy,» he noted.

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