Greece: Golden Dawn rallies outside Athens' Turkish embassy over Greek soldiers' detention

Supporters of the far-right Golden Dawn party rallied outside the Turkish embassy in Athens, Monday, to demonstrate against Turkey's arrest of two Greek soldiers. Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos argued that the arrest was «illegal.» He went on to say that his party condemns «the defeatist policy of the Greek government,» «the policy of the subjugation to the US interests» and «Turkish... Еще aggressive actions.» Earlier in the day, a Turkish court in Edirne rejected a request to release the two Greek soldiers accused of illegal entry into Turkey. According to reports, the two Greek soldiers claimed that they crossed the border into Turkey after they lost their orientation due to poor weather conditions. The two soldiers have been remanded in custody on suspicion of attempted military espionage and entering a Turkish military zone.

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