Greece: Golden Dawn opens new offices in Piraeus amid antifascist protests

Dozens of antifascist activists staged a protest in Piraeus, Friday, as the far-right Golden Dawn party moved into its new premises in the port city. Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos was present at the opening of the new offices. Hundreds of demonstrators meanwhile gathered in front of the new premises which were heavily guarded by the police. Among the demonstrators was the mother... Еще of Pavlos Fyssas, an antifascist rapper killed in 2013 by Golden Dawn member Giorgos Roupakias. «The criminals should be in jail and not out and making inaugurations. So-called inauguration, because they just moved from one block to the other. It's just a provocation, nothing else,» she said. Golden Dawn is currently under investigation for evidence linking it violent attacks including the murder of Fyssas.

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