Greece: Dozens of refugees with health needs flown to Germany

Greece: Dozens of refugee minors with health needs leave Greece to Germany A group of 83 refugees, including minors, who require medical care left Greece's crowded refugee camps with their families and boarded a flight from Athens to Kassel, in central Germany, on Friday. The refugees who come from countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Somalia, will be distributed in different German states upon their arrival. «I want to thank Germany for giving these people, these children, the opportunity to enter a new phase in their lives and to have hope,» said Deputy Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy of Greece Georgios Koumoutsakos, who supervised the transportation at the airport. Koumoutsakos considered a big part of «the weight» on Greece's shoulders «has been lifted.» German Ambassador to Greece Ernst Reichel, who was present at the airport as well, pointed out unaccompanied minors had already been sent to Germany April, adding, «This group requires healthcare which Germany can provide.»

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