Greece: 'Crush NATO' — hundreds protest against Syrian military escalation in Athens

Left-wing supporters, anarchists as well as the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) protested against the military escalation in Syria, in front of the US Embassy in Athens on Friday. The KKE protesters burnt a US flag and held banners reading «Crush NATO.» A member of Socialist Workers' party said the US, France and the UK are organising an intervention in Syria, «wanting to repeat the chaos... Еще that they caused 27 years ago in Iraq.» A member of the Solidarity Committee to the Syrian people pointed out «the war in Syria is becoming a problem not only for the Middle East, but also for our country.» France, the US and UK have threatened to take action against the Syrian government, after the 'White Helmets' alleged that chemical-filled munitions were dropped over Douma on April 7 causing the deaths of up to 70 people.

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