Greece: Beach-goers grateful as COVID-19 lockdown eased

Greeks who flocked to the popular Vouliagmeni beach, south of Athens on Saturday, gave their thoughts on the reopening of organised beaches in Greece, expressing gratitude, but also hope that other coronavirus related restrictions will also be dropped. «We are really grateful, and we hope that the situation will be soon over and everything will be back to normal,» said Fani, one of the visitors... Еще. Argyris, another beach visitor, added, «Possibly many of you criticise us for having a good time. But we have been in a very strict quarantine for two months and finally we did it and we came out earlier than all of you. And we have a great time now.» Christos Petsas, Manager of Vouliagmeni beach, said, «As you can see we have very good images here. Everything has gone smoothly. It is the result of the collective effort of both staff and management, so that we can respond to the call of the Greek government, and offer a cool and refreshing outing to as many of our fellow citizens as possible.» Dozens of people were seen relaxing on the shore as others took a dip in the sea, disregarding the social distancing measures or the use of protective equipment like face masks and latex gloves. Beaches management will be required to restrict the number of people staying there at any given time, as well as to ensure a safe distance between sunbeds. Many beach lovers were expected to flock to the sea this weekend as summer weather has recently arrived in Athens with temperatures rising to 36 degrees Celsius (96.8 Fahrenheit).

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