Greece: Athens cabbies attack Ubers during furious protest

Taxi drivers protested against 'unfair competition' from ride-sharing app Uber in Athens on Tuesday. Footage shows how several Ubers were attacked by the drivers close to where the march was taking place, as a nine-hour, city-wide taxi strike was called. Protesters then proceeded to gather outside the SATA taxi driver headquarters in downtown Athens over the 'illegal and arbitrary invasion of... Еще Uber,' local media said. «If the Greek state wants us to be illegal, we have cars and we can do this: We will unfurl a pirate flag on the taxi and the state will not get the VAT and all the other taxes. Does the Greek state want the illegality or the legitimacy?» said Evangelos, one of the protesters. The outcry from taxi drivers has been mirrored around the world, as ride-sharing apps continue to compete with traditional licensed cabs.

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