Greece: Afghan refugees protest deportation, decry Trump's Afghan strategy

We will continue saying this until our demands are heard. We will not give up this fight. We will not stop fighting for our rights.» Scores of refugees from Afghanistan rallied outside the Migration Ministry and EU offices in Athens, Tuesday, to protest against migrant deportations. They decried the European Union's migration policies, with many of the protesters chanting «EU shame on you» and... Еще «No borders, no nations, no deportations.» One of the refugees currently living in the city's Elaionas camp spoke out as the group submitted to the ministry's office a list of asylum demands for the refugees. «Afghanistan is not safe. There is no security in Afghanistan. We will continue saying this until our demands are heard. We will not give up this fight,» she said. Protesters also demanded that Afghanistan be designated a war-zone after US President Donald Trump's address, Monday, in which he announced a new Afghan war strategy including a possible boost in troop levels. «Last night President Donald Trump of the United States of America announced sending 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan, further escalating the occupation and war in Afghanistan. Refugees, Afghan refugees are fleeing violence, Afghanistan is a conflict zone. Because of this, the European asylum services office must designate Afghanistan as a war zone. And this people here, as war refugees. If they do not, it's a violation of the international law,» said activist Suraia Sahar. She also suggested that the Afghan refugees encountered «political repression» in Athens as they were «threatened to not receive services like clothing» if they were to hold a protest.
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