Goon school: Russian hockey juniors learn how to brawl like pros in Ufa

SOT, Reporter (Russian): «Do you stop fighting then?» SOT, Ura Tuchin, Hockey player (Russian): «No.» SOT, reporter (Russian): «Did you like it?» SOT, Tair Habibulin, hockey player (Russian): «Well, it is interesting to learn something new.» Forget stickhandling, skating and tactics: what the hockey juniors of today need to learn is the art of fighting. A coach from Ufa decided something... Еще has to be done by teaching local kids how to beat the crap out of each other on skates, as footage from Monday shows. The would-be NHL-enforcers of tomorrow, most of them still learning how to skate, listened attentively as the boxing coach put them through their paces in drills of basic fighting theory, punching, grappling and self-defence. Explaining the motives which prompted Kirill Moskvin, the coach, to teach hockey juniors how to box, he said that «Every hockey player has to know how to fight back.» «We constantly watch different videos of, for instance, NHL, KHL [games]. Fights constantly take place in them,» the coach added. One of the juniors, Ura Tuchin, said that learning how to fight actually «enhances hockey [playing skills]. I just need it for self-defence on ice.»

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