Goodness Gracious Great BULLS of fire! — Teltepec celebrates San Jan de Dios

Pyrotechnic bulls bellowed through the city of Tultepec on Thursday night, setting off a huge number of fireworks into crowds at the San Juan de Dios festivalgoers. Fireworks, Catherine wheels, crackers all shoot off from the bulls. The 'toritos' — as they are known locally- are set onto frames which can be pushed or carried around by foolhardy revellers. The festival is dedicated to San Juan... Еще de Dios, the patron saint of firework makers, however it is not without controversy. A major fireworks explosion in nearby Mexico City killed 61 people in 1988, leading authorities to place a ban on the manufacture and sale of fireworks in the city. Since Tultepec is one of Mexico's major fireworks-producing regions, the area suffered economically from the ban. The Feria de la Pirotecnia Nacional (National Pyrotechnic Festival) was created in 1989 as a form of recompense, delivering increased tourism to Tultepec.

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