Good samaritan donates 500 face masks to police station in east China

A man left 500 face masks at a police station in east China's Anhui Province before running away on Tuesday, prompting police to run after him and salute him in appreciation. Footage shows the man walking inside the police station, leaving the masks on a counter and running away quickly. Two policemen are seen chasing him in vain, resolving to give him an appreciative salute. Anhui province... Еще borders Hubei province, of which Wuhan — the region where the first cases the new strain of coronavirus were detected. Coronavirus has killed at least 106 people so far and infected more than 4,500 cases in China alone. The disease has since spread to a number of other countries, including the US, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Nepal, France and now Germany. Cases were also reported in Taiwan, Canada, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam. Mandatory credit: China’s Anhui province Police

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