Girl power! Female ‘knight’ speaks of passion for medieval combat

Medieval combat team captain and twice world champion Svetlana Fedorova spoke of her passion for the art at the Western Tower combat club Kaliningrad on Wednesday. Fedorova revealed she was always a fan of movies and literature involving medieval combat, so she was delighted when she found the club. «It wasn't easy for me. I remember that it was hard, I was very hot, and I wanted to take all... Еще of this off. But my stubbornness prevented me,» she added, referring to the heavy armour she wears. «Girls can fight no less effectively or spectacularly than men,» she said. Eugeniy Bedenko, Head of 'Western Tower' medieval fighting club (Russian): «When you look at girls fighting, passions really rise. When you’re rooting for your girl, it’s quite difficult to watch it without worrying. No one gives up, they fight to the last.»

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