GIANT BALLS substitute raging bulls as Spanish town gets ethical

Mataelpino's annual summer festival was held on Friday with people flocking the streets to take part in the «boloencierro», where participants flee from large polystyrene balls. From 2011 residents have substituted raging bulls for giant polystyrene balls in the traditional festival. Two kind of balls rolled up and down the winding streets that shape the town: while children run with balls... Еще weighing up to 60 kilogrammes (132 pounds), while adults dodged 200 kilogramme (441 pounds) iterations. Although the run is not as dangerous as those with bulls, the Civil Defence attended the event to supervise runners and provide assistance when needed. The word «boloencierro» is composed by the terms «bolo,» Spanish for «ball,» and «encierro,» which expresses the concept of bull run. The move has been praised by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), who have encouraged other towns to swap the animals for the objects, with the organisation even promising to cover the costs of the substitution.

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