Ghost town! Drone reveals ancient abandoned village in Dagestan

Gamsutl is the village that time forgot. Abandoned forty years ago by almost all its residents, this ancient village lies deep in the heart Avarian mountains in Dagestan, as drone footage recorded on Thursday showed. Sitting around 1,500 meters above sea level and surrounded by awe-inspiring cliffs, the village takes its name from its foundations — Mount Gamsutlmeer. The village is thought... Еще to be one of the oldest settlements in the territory of modern Dagestan, although archaeologists have been unable to trace its exact origins. In its heyday, Gamsutl boasted shops, a school and even a maternity ward. Village life dwindled as residents went in search of a better life. When its final inhabitant died in 2015, the hilltop settlement returned to the natural world.

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