Germany: Young Berliners ponder possible results ahead of Federal Elections

Young Berlin residents offered their thoughts on the general election, on Saturday, only one day before ballots are to be counted, which could result in a new Chancellor as well as new parties entering the German parliament. Whilst some did not think the elections would have a significant result, others hoped that the vote would oust Christian Democratic Party (CDU) nominee and Chancellor... Еще, Angela Merkel, from her position. «I am no fan of Mrs Merkel. No one that I know is a fan of Mrs Merkel and I hope that we bring about a huge change,» said one resident. Another voter said he was considering a tactical vote for Germany's Social Democratic party (SPD), to avoid Merkel's Christian Democratic Party (CDU) forming what he described as a «neoliberal» coalition between the CDU and the Free Democratic Party (FDP). Residents also voiced their concern over the apparent rise in popularity for the right-wing Alternative for Germany party (AfD), which could enter parliament if it passes the five percent margin.

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