Germany: 'You're not good neighbours' — Kreuzberg tells Google where to go

Protesters descended on a former electrical substation in central Berlin, on Monday, to express their opposition to Google's planned move to the neighbourhood. Under the slogan «Google isn't a good neighbour», the protesters declared their concerns for the sustainability of Kreuzberg, the neighbourhood of Google's planned so-called 'campus'. The protest organisers argue that the arrival of the... Еще internet giant would cause rapid rent increases and isolation of Kreuzberg's existing communities from their own district. A community organiser Stephen Klein claimed that Google's presence in Kreuzberg stands in opposition to the local community. He explained, «In Warsaw, it was in a former vodka factory, which was converted into a Google Campus. People were happy about this, because it was quite a dilapidated area, It's completely different in Kreuzberg,» He went on to say, «Here the famous Kreuzberg mix prevails; here people live with and for each other. Here, Google is like a completely foreign body; like a spaceship that simply landed here.» The proposed 'campus' would be an incubator for new start-ups, which Google is looking to support; however, the protesters fear that while Google may cultivate new technological entrepreneurship, they will drive local businesses out of the area. If the plans go through, the Berlin location would be the seventh «Google Campus» in the world. The tech company has already opened such spaces in London, Madrid, Warsaw, Seoul, Sao Paulo and Tel Aviv.

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