Germany: 'You are a brutal killer' — Trump to Juncker

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker revealed that he was called a «brutal killer» by none other that the President of the United States Donald Trump during last week's Group of Seven meeting in Canada, at a speech to the Bavarian Parliament in Munich on Thursday. «Trump told me last week: 'Jean-Claude, you are a brutal killer,'» said Juncker. «It is the first time that... Еще Luxembourg has become a threat to the United States of America. He meant that, I think, as a compliment, even though I cannot be sure.» The commission's president also vowed not to be dictated to over American tariffs. «I am not in a belligerent mood at all, but I do not accept being dictated what we have to do in Europe. This is an independent continent, many have fought for it,» he concluded, to much applause from the regional assembly.

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