Germany: Yeltsin's widow presents new memoir at Frankfurt Book Fair

Widow of the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, Naina Yeltsina presented her memoir titled 'Private Life' at the international book fair in Frankfurt on Main, Saturday. Speaking to the journalists, Yeltsina admitted, she wouldn’t write other books as she «considers last few years very challenging». She explained that she decided to write the book after she has been telling her family stories... Еще of her life and «they got interested in it.» «My daughters convinced me to turn my story into a book even for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren,» Yeltsina added. The book covers the time period from the end of 1930-s until today, where the former first lady of Russian Federation describes her childhood, recalls the history of her relationship with Boris Yeltsin as well as historical landmarks such as the first Russian presidential elections, the coup in 1991 and the political turmoil two years later.

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