Germany: World's most powerful X-ray laser set to show 'molecular movies'

The European XFEL, the world’s largest X-ray laser, is being readied to start running its first experiments in September, near Hamburg. The official opening ceremony of the €1.2-billion ($1.4-billion) X-ray Free Electron Laser is taking place in Schenefeld, near Hamburg, on September 1. Technicians were seen applying the final touches on Thursday. Over 200 times more powerful than its... Еще analogues in the US and Japan, the European XFEL X-ray laser, firing with a record breaking 27,000 pulses per second, and using an advanced Large Pixel Detector, is expected to produce so-called “molecular movies” for the first time in science history. These will show chemical reactions at a molecular level. The European XFEL will therefore provide scientists with some of the most detailed images of molecular structures. The 3.4 km long facility, most of which is located in underground tunnels, was created in cooperation between Russia and 11 European states — Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. More than 60 user groups answered a call for proposals issued in early 2017 for access to the two instruments at the research facility in Schenefeld. International committees of experts evaluated the proposed projects based on scientific merit and technical feasibility. The first 14 groups of scientists have now been selected and invited to carry out their ambitious research projects at the facility from September.
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