Germany: Wobbly mics and wayward dog don't deter Schulz from Potsdam speech

Two wobbly microphones and a dog on stage didn't stop Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) chancellor candidate Martin Schulz from delivering his speech to cheering supporters at a campaign rally Potsdam, Friday. As Schulz struggled to keep in place the unstable lectern microphones, he reiterated that «Germany can do better, it could do so much more if a Social Democrat will become the... Еще Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.» He then noticed a small dog dressed up in a red jumper sitting on stage right behind him, and asked: «Who does it belong to? Whose is it? Let it sit here.» Schulz then continued to address the crowd and noted: «On September 24, the question will be whether you trust the Social Democrats to make this country fairer, because a lot of things are not fair right now in this country.» The chancellor candidate went on saying that the SPD wants «to change many things,» but is «facing a big resistance from the conservative block introduced by Angela Merkel and Horst Seehofer in this federal government.» The German Federal Election is set to take place on September 24. According to latest opinion polls, SPD is currently trailing German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) by more than 13 percentage points.

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