Germany: Without AfD, CSU would not fight for border controls — AfD leader

A leader of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party Alexander Gauland stated that «anyone who comes from a safe third country cannot apply for asylum here,» speaking during a press conference in Berlin, Tuesday. According to Gauland, the Bavrian-based Christian Social Union (CSU) party would not be able to make an effort towards the new bill on reunification for refugees without AfD assistance... Еще. Gauland called it a «mini-step» and underlined that this was «not enough.» «It's very clear that they're afraid of losing their majority in the Bavarian state election — that's very important for them. That's why Mr. Seehofer has braced himself to do something,» said Gauland. AfD politician Beatrix von Storch shared her opinion that the «immigration law was not originally intended for mass migration, but for individual cases». «It's not intended for global mass migration, for replacement migration, for relocation, and for these things. It's not intended for that and therefore we have to reduce it to zero,» pointed out von Storch. She called for «extensive border controls and the sending back of all undocumented arrivals» before the summer break, urging that otherwise the «CSU in Bavaria would be ruined.»

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