Germany: Weapons exports to Turkey «hugely reduced» — German foreign ministry

German Foreign Ministry spokesperson Martin Schafer said that weapons exports to Turkey have been «hugely reduced» and the German government makes decisions regarding exports to Turkey based on each individual case, during a federal press conference on Wednesday. Schafer went on to say that each individual decision to export weapons to Turkey was made based on three questions; «who would receive... Еще the weapons, which purpose do they serve, and could they potentially be misused». If each question is answered correctly in a particular case, the German government would deliver weapons to Turkey «here and there». German government spokesperson Steffen Seibert reiterated that, despite disagreements between Ankara and Berlin, Turkey is a NATO partner as well as an «important partner» in terms of security. Also touched on was Germany's Ramstein Air Base, which hosts coalition forces including US forces, and which plays a role in the US's drone programme. Spokesperson Friederike von Tiesenhausen said that in recent times there had been «no authorisation for the issuing of the transition of war weaponry for end-use» at the air base.

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