Germany: ‘We would like to resume constructive dialogue’ — FDP vice chairman on German-Russian relations

Vice Chairman of Germany’s Free Democrats Party (FDP) Wolfgang Kubicki said his party’s approach to future German-Russian relations would be “to resume a constructive dialogue instead of waving swords.” He was speaking in an interview in Berlin, Tuesday. “The position of the Free Democratic Party in relation to Russia is rational. We appreciate the dialogue, as for the Crimean crisis, from our... Еще point of view, the illegal occupation of Crimea must be discussed,” Kubicki said. Talking about digitalisation, which is one of the main elements of the FDP’s election programme, Kubicki said “we need to shape the processes of digitalisation, to catch up with them. Only ten percent of schools in Germany use the technology of digitalisation, we are far behind,” adding “We have to adapt to it, and it all starts from school. If young people today are not ready, then we will not be able to maintain our level of welfare.” ​

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